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Re: LGDC news

On 20-Apr-2000 Keith Lucas wrote:

>> > If someone has something cool to share then they should turn it into
>> > a library component - THEN we'll want to list it.

ick, we'll have to have 2 billion libraries for one minor game if that's what
people do

>> As a developer I'm not interested in other peoples code.  No mater
>> how cool is may be.  I just don't grok other peoples code.  They
>> only thing I'd want to get straight from within another project
>> is reusable media.
> Yes, but that's you, you horrible little code-obfuscator you. :-)
> I personally quite often would like to go see in what ways someone
> else has solved a problem before I go do it.
> I would mention the entire "I'll go see how that worked in
> Snafu... EEEeeeeuuuuwwww!!" incident...

I would much prefer reading an article explaining the method than read through
the code. I've learned quite a bit reading code, but it's a bit slower and more
difficult than an article. What if we just encouraged prople who do something
really cool code-wise to write an article about it, or work with a writer to
draft an article? If it's not cool enough or important enough to become an
article, it could go into the tips&tricks section?

Since this convo is about the website, should it be moved to
lgdc-web@sunsite.auc.dk? (I personally think almost everyone on this list
should be on the web list, since we all have an interest in the website...).

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