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Re: Make, make, make. . .

Keith Lucas wrote:

> > I would like to point out that I have "weird" dependencies and that my
> > tree is laid out for "human consumption", but still I have no problem
> > with non-recursive makes. You just gets rules like this one:
> >
> > foo/bar.cpp: foo/bar.h include/foo.h
> But these are machine generated anyway, so they'll be correct and
> since you don't have to read 'em who cares if they're ugly? :-)

You got that right. :-)

> I'm going to go off on one big time the next time some "senior"
> architecture person tells me to delete all the objects by hand and
> THEN run make to see if that cures a linking problem. Now I know it's
> possible to NOT get into that situation by thinking up front...


Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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