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Re: LGDC news

> Keith Lucas wrote:
> > I personally quite often would like to go see in what ways someone
> > else has solved a problem before I go do it.
> Yes - but does that interest translate to you wanting to see announcements
> about every teeny-tiny change to every version of Tetris?

Not really. Actually, that's a peeve of mine: Game FOOBAR looks kind
of cool. Go find out more details. Discover it's something that looks
interesting - something I could want to play. Look further. Discover
it's version 0.0.13 and it's described as "non-playable, no
features. Upgrades over 0.0.12 - no longer hangs trying to start

So I no longer read the announcement sites.

The reason that I've got nothing listed, is I'm listing projects until
it's damn well finished...

> I just don't think there is a compelling reason to clutter this list
> with that stuff.

Probably true.

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