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Re: LGDC news

Steve Baker wrote:

>> I personally quite often would like to go see in what ways someone
>> else has solved a problem before I go do it.
>Yes - but does that interest translate to you wanting to see announcements
>about every teeny-tiny change to every version of Tetris?

I think we all agree that announcing little changes in games is out of
question (i.e. we don't do it).

What I meant with interesting games is e.g. I read in OGS that Freeciv now
has a really good AI, so a news item "New Freeciv version has really good
AI code. You might want to have a look at it" would be good (and
additionally we can start bugging the Freeciv authors to write an article
about how they did it).
So I meant *one* newsitem, when a new game version with a cool, uncommon
feature comes out.

That could be handled e.g. by only accepting (game project) news items that
contain some "what's especially cool" or "what really impressed me" info.

Christian Reiniger
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