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Re: This is not the correct list, but

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Steve Baker wrote:

> > a) Where, oh where, can one find man pages for OpenGL and GLU/GLUT that
> >    can actually be installed and cover say glutKeyboardUp.
> Well the GLUT manual can be found at www.opengl.org - erm - the exact
> URL is:
>    http://www.opengl.org/Documentation/GLUT.html
> ...but that's not installable 'man' pages - and it only covers GLUT 3.6
> (because GLUT 3.7 was supposed to be only in 'beta' form - although it's
> pretty evident that Mark Kilgard isn't likely ever to work on it again).
> Hence, there is no documentation for any of the 3.7-specific features
> which includes glutKeyboardUp.  The only way to find that out is to
> grep for it in GL/glut.h and guess what the parameters are (it's not
> hard)...or 'Use the Source Luke'.

I have just finished downloading the package "glutdemo.rpm" from SuSE 6.3.

It includes man pages for glutKeyboardUpFunc and others that I have not
found anywhere else.

The CHANGES file list the following changes:

 o  Man pages updated.

     Version number in man pages changed to 3.7.

     My email address changed to mjk@nvidia.com

     New man pages:

     Updated man pages:

I am still unable to figure out where one could get "just" the man pages
or the distribution. Not much info is included in the package. The
"glut" man page points to the stuff at sgi, that I can not confirm
contains e.g. glutKeyboardUpFunc.

There are also other changes:

  o  Added the glutGameModeString, glutEnterGameMode, glutLeaveGameMode,
     and glutGameModeGet calls for "full screen" game mode display
     change switching.  Only the Win32 implementation really does
     display mode changes.  See lib/glut/glut_gamemode.c

  o  Several demos added a -fullscreen option to use the new GLUT
     game mode functionality.  I generally also fixed these to
     match the window aspect ratio.  Examples:  underwater, txfdemo

Maybe someone with more knowledge then I can shed some ligths on this?


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
64 GB PAE mode works just fine on my 8GB RAM, 8-way Xeon box [..]
                                 - Ingo Molnar, Linux Kernel List, 1999-11-03

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