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Re: This is not the correct list, but

Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:
> a) Where, oh where, can one find man pages for OpenGL and GLU/GLUT that
>    can actually be installed and cover say glutKeyboardUp.

Well the GLUT manual can be found at www.opengl.org - erm - the exact
URL is:


...but that's not installable 'man' pages - and it only covers GLUT 3.6
(because GLUT 3.7 was supposed to be only in 'beta' form - although it's
pretty evident that Mark Kilgard isn't likely ever to work on it again).
Hence, there is no documentation for any of the 3.7-specific features
which includes glutKeyboardUp.  The only way to find that out is to
grep for it in GL/glut.h and guess what the parameters are (it's not
hard)...or 'Use the Source Luke'.

This is awful - and the only way to fix this for the future is to
support 'freeglut' - which is a truly OpenSource GLUT clone to be
found here:


> b) Can anyone point me in the direction of the Open GL Game developer
>    list?



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