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Re: Artist question?

Achilles wrote:
> Hey there,
>         Well, I'm currently engaged on my own game project right now, and thing
> seem to be going just fine. But then again, just yesterday a question
> has raised up among the art team: we draw our sprites using colorkey
> blitting, so far so good. But then, of course, we noticed that the
> borders of the actual sprite appear on the final blitted image,
> obviously because those very pixels don't exactly match the colorkey
> value, but are very close to that, making the final result look actualy
> very ugly indeed, so here's the question: can we get that out with just
> simple artwork, or do we need something like an alpha component to make
> it work ? BTW, we're using 16bpp for color depth.

Well, you could write a program to clamp colours *close* to your
colorkey value to the actual colourkey value - but that will result in
aliasing around the edges of the artwork where it is now (presumably) nicely

This is a pretty fundamental problem with chromakeyed artwork.

In a modern system, I'd *strongly* advise you to use an alpha plane.

Converting your existing artwork will be rather tricky though.

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