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Re: Artist question?

> > has raised up among the art team: we draw our 
> > sprites using colorkey
> > blitting, so far so good. But then, of 
> > course, we noticed that the
> > borders of the actual sprite appear on the 
> > final blitted image,
> > obviously because those very pixels don't 
> > exactly match the colorkey
> > value, but are very close to that, making the 
> > final result look
> > actualy very ugly indeed


I encountered a similar problem with Civil with 
rotational sprites. The anti-aliasing artifacts 
that blend down to the transparent background 
colour would show up rather badly on the 
playfield when the sprite was rendered. 

The answer is fairly simple: get your artists to 
remove the anti-aliasing artifacts around the 
edges of the sprite. 

You can use an alpha, but this is more coding 
work for what amnounts to a very simple bit of 
faffing around in the GIMP/PhotoShop. 

It's annoying to learn the lesson after you've 
produced a load of artwork, but once bitten...


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