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Re: OpenGL Transparency

> I *think* I understand what you are talking about - although a clearer
> description would help - and it's absolutely NOT a Windoze versus Linux
> issue...although it might well depend on your software and which graphics
> card you are using on these two setups.

I didn't expect it to be a Windows vs. Linux issue.

>    Does this "not entirely transparent" effect get worse as the wall gets
>    further away?  Does it also get worse as the wall gets more edge-on to
>    the camera?

It is worse from a distance but it doesn't seem to get worse edge-on.
Your description was very helpful.  It didn't sound like what I
was observing since the area was large enough that the blending shouldn't
occur over the whole area.

I played around some more and noticed that a partially destroyed door
(lower half transparent) didn't seem to suffer from the problem.
It appears that the problem occurs when transparency is drawn over
the sky.  That seems to just a solid color quad in the background.

(I don't expect you be able to help from this inadequate explanation
but figured I'd let you know since you tried to help.  I'll learn some
more about OpenGL so that at the very least at can give a better
description of the problem.)

Dennis Payne

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