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Re: OpenGL Transparency

Dennis Payne wrote:
> It is worse from a distance but it doesn't seem to get worse edge-on.
> Your description was very helpful.  It didn't sound like what I
> was observing since the area was large enough that the blending shouldn't
> occur over the whole area.
> I played around some more and noticed that a partially destroyed door
> (lower half transparent) didn't seem to suffer from the problem.
> It appears that the problem occurs when transparency is drawn over
> the sky.  That seems to just a solid color quad in the background.

OK - then my second theory becomes plausible.

How are you dealing with the special Z-buffering needs of
translucent polygons?

If your answer is a puzzled "Eh?" then this is very likely to
be a problem that could fit your symptoms...well...kinda.

Read my FAQ on the subject:


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