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Re: Hey Steve...

Mark Collins wrote:
> In that Gamesmania you got credit for your work on the book, so you do now
> have some influence... so stop bitching...

Deal!  Although I'm not sure this interview is as good as the one I did
for "Investors Weekly" which was about how come Tux the Penguin has become
such a popular character and has instant "brand recognition" where (they
claim) the Windoze flag has failed....eh!?

> (still your fault Indrema failed too)


Well, I thought it was good that you and I managed to independantly
come up with pretty much the same story...dunno what Clinton was
thinking though:

 GM: Do you think there was a chance of it putting a fair-sized
     dent in the console gaming scene?

 You: Not a hope in hell.
 Me:  No. There was never a chance of that
 Clinton: Yes, I think Indrema would have changed the console gaming scene.


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