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Re: Getting a job in the Linux game industry?

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From: Roger Ostrander <denor@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 7:21 PM
Subject: Getting a job in the Linux game industry?

> Hi all,
>   Long time listener, first time caller, etc, etc....
>   I pounced on the recent article "Getting a job in
> the game industry" because, well, I'd like to get a
> job in the game industry.


>   Something I noticed was the lack of coverage about
> Linux games; this is hardly surprising since none of
> the people interviewed work at a linux game company.

To quote Chris Kingsley (CTO of Rebellion Studios) "Linux is just too
different for us to develop for. we tried it, but the costs are too much"

>   It got me thinking; I like working with linux, and I
> like making games.  I'm working on a game for linux.
> I started wondering:  what would it take to get into
> the linux games industry?

Linux would need to become a MAJOR Desktop OS.

>   I don't believe that Loki is hiring at the moment
> and I'm not sure of the hiring status of the other
> linux game companies.  Every porting house for linux
> seems like a small company, and I have an impression
> that it's hard to get a position at such a place (as
> they usually have all the people they need
>   With that said, what does it take to get into the
> linux game industry?  Joining Loki, assisting Bioware
> (or another company) with their latest cross platform
> project?  Possibly striking out on your own?

Try and get a job working on a normal PC title, and lobby your producer and
lead programmer to let you do a Linux port in your own time.

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