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Getting a job in the Linux game industry?

Hi all,

  Long time listener, first time caller, etc, etc....
  I pounced on the recent article "Getting a job in
the game industry" because, well, I'd like to get a
job in the game industry.  
  Something I noticed was the lack of coverage about
Linux games; this is hardly surprising since none of
the people interviewed work at a linux game company.
  It got me thinking; I like working with linux, and I
like making games.  I'm working on a game for linux. 
I started wondering:  what would it take to get into
the linux games industry?
  I don't believe that Loki is hiring at the moment
and I'm not sure of the hiring status of the other
linux game companies.  Every porting house for linux
seems like a small company, and I have an impression
that it's hard to get a position at such a place (as
they usually have all the people they need)
  With that said, what does it take to get into the
linux game industry?  Joining Loki, assisting Bioware
(or another company) with their latest cross platform
project?  Possibly striking out on your own?

-Roger Ostrander
 webmaster, "Denor's Realm"

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