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Re: Business models

> What would be a nice thing if it was available is a few books on
> libs like SDL/PLIB that teach you how to do games using those libs. I
> assume game programming books for Linux so far have been more or less
> normal programming books (shell, C/C++, make, etc) with a small added
> appendix saying "hey, there's this OpenGL thing too, and I think you can
> do sound too".
> On Windows if you want to do a game you buy some book called something
> like "DirectX Programming", follow their tutorials and start your project
> by copying one of the more finished samples from the book CD. I don't
> think we have something like that yet? Everyone always has to learn
> everything from scratch, there is no "stored" knowledge yet.

gah gah gah gah gah gah gah gah gah gah gah




Before either Steve, Martin or Ben (if he's on this list) tells you, do a
search on Amazon for ISBN 0-7615-3255-2 (Linux Game Programming, by Me,
Steve, Martin and Ben). I think it even covers PLIB somewhere in there.

Enjoy :)

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