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Re: Business models

On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Mark Collins wrote:

>Before either Steve, Martin or Ben (if he's on this list) tells you, do a
>search on Amazon for ISBN 0-7615-3255-2 (Linux Game Programming, by Me,
>Steve, Martin and Ben). I think it even covers PLIB somewhere in there.


Ok, apparently I was wrong, which is good! Is it a generic Linux
programming book with some SDL/OpenGL/PLIB slapped on here and there, or
is it a full fledged book going into depth with only the game-specific
details? Too many Linux books always waste most pages on generic stuff
that could safely be assumed that the reader is familiar with.

I don't mean to critizise your book, as I haven't read/seen it. I just
wish all programmers would first read Linux for Dummies, K&R, Stroustrup
and Stevens, after which they would have most needed knowledge for diving
headlong into a in-depth book on SDL or similar. :-)

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