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Options for game developers

Mark Collins wrote:
> How do you guys think people should go about selling Linux games?
> I've had a couple of ideas, as follows....
> 1) Online distrobution: Sell the games online. Games should be quite small
> and low cost (say, $5-$10 a pop).
> 2) Compilation CDs: Sell lots of games on CD. This could work with
> OpenSource games as well as closed source games.
> Opinions would be appreciated...

Hi Mark, hi all,

Mark's post reminds me of an article I read on Gamasutra some time ago:
"Internet Business Models: New Options for Game Developers" (by Ian
MacInnes). It makes some good points and I recommend reading it (or
re-reading it). It can be found here:


Basically the article says:

1) The current business model for games is a dinosaur.
2) Online distribution is the way to go.
3) Game developers don't need publishers or retailers.

Bernie 'Bugs Bernie' Noel

"A rabbit will do for love what others wouldn't do for money."

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