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DungeonMaker beta release - call for input

The DungeonMaker is a program that creates random dungeons using artificial
life methods. I'm pleased to report that it is now in beta release. If you
are interested in grid-based games (such as isometric) and/or in dungeons or
mazes, please take a look at the program. Now is your chance to request
additional features.

If you find a bug, you can report directly to me. If you have a suggestion,
please subscribe to the dungeonmaker-developer mailing list and post there.
The manual of the program (for version 0.9) is available online at


To download, follow the download link on that page, and click on the file 


This contains source files that compile with GNU make on Linux, and with
MinGW on Windows, as well as all the associated files needed to run the
program, and an up-to-date manual in .html format.

The DungeonMaker allows you to hand-place any number of rooms, walls, and
story hooks, then creates a random dungeon around that. Dungeons and mazes
with a wide variety of styles can be generated. This library is way ahead of
Diablo's dungeons and anything else I have seen. Check it out and judge for

Peter Henningsen

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