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Re: DungeonMaker beta release - call for input

On Sun, Apr 08, 2001 at 10:24:15AM -0300, Henningsen wrote:
> The DungeonMaker is a program that creates random dungeons using artificial
> life methods. I'm pleased to report that it is now in beta release. If you
> are interested in grid-based games (such as isometric) and/or in dungeons or
> mazes, please take a look at the program. Now is your chance to request
> additional features.

I came across dungeonmaker when I was doing something else on the
sourceforge ftp site, and I am intrigued. I have not yet had time
to try out the software, but it sounds potentially extremely useful.

I am a server coder and game effort coordinator for the WorldForge
project, a project to create an engine for building Massively
Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. The application of
DungeonMaker in our system is obvious I am sure.

If you are interested in community feedback, try dropping in
on irc.worldforge.org in channels #forge and #lounge where many 
of the WorldForge developers hang out.

> If you find a bug, you can report directly to me. If you have a suggestion,
> please subscribe to the dungeonmaker-developer mailing list and post there.
> The manual of the program (for version 0.9) is available online at
> http://dungeonmaker.sourceforge.net
> To download, follow the download link on that page, and click on the file 
> dungeonmaker0_91.tgz
> This contains source files that compile with GNU make on Linux, and with
> MinGW on Windows, as well as all the associated files needed to run the
> program, and an up-to-date manual in .html format.
> The DungeonMaker allows you to hand-place any number of rooms, walls, and
> story hooks, then creates a random dungeon around that. Dungeons and mazes
> with a wide variety of styles can be generated. This library is way ahead of
> Diablo's dungeons and anything else I have seen. Check it out and judge for
> yourself!

I look forward to trying out the software as soon as I get the opportunity.

Al Riddoch
WorldForge developer

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