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Re: Business models

--- Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> wrote:
> Roger Ostrander wrote:
> >   PLIB came with good documentation and a few very
> > simple example programs to get me up and running,
> but
> > when it came to slightly larger projects I had to
> > again refer to other projects/demos to learn from.
>  I
> > ran into the problem that one of the best and most
> > complete examples of using PLIB is Tux: A Quest
> for
> > Herring, and that particular program is frickin'
> huge
> Real games *are* huge.

  True; I didn't mean that as a slight against
tux_aqfh, I just meant it wasn't good for getting
started with PLIB quickly.
  Now, when I wanted to know how to follow terrain,
that source code came in very handy :)

> You might check out TuxKart - it's about half the
> size.

  I'll probably do that.  Right now, my technique when
I need to figure out a certain function in PLIB is to
grep for it in the Tux source and look at how it's
used.  At some point, I'll likely go through both
programs in their entirety to get a feel for how
they're structured.
  But thank you for the code, it's certainly helpful. 
(And provides me with ample distraction should I get
tired of coding :)

-Roger Ostrander

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