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Re: Laptop with 3D support - anyone?

Laptop with 3D support?....Well, there is new news!

I just got this from a guy where I work:

JEvans0000@aol.com wrote:
> The Toshiba Satellite 2805-S402 is out:
>   NVIDIA® GeForce2 GoTM graphics controller w/16MB
>          SGRAM (4X AGP)
>   Hi-fi sound system with built-in subwoofer
>   Mobile Pentium® III 850MHz processor
>          featuring Intel® SpeedStepTM technology
>   DVD/CD-RW multifunction drive
>   15" TFT LCD color display
>   128MB SDRAM
>   20GB1 HD
>   Integrated 10/100 Ethernet and V.90 modem
>   i.Link (IEEE 1394) port
>   A combination 6X DVD/4X CD-RW/24X CD-ROM built in.
> I saw it at CompUsa 2399.99.

...looks like a pretty hot 3D Laptop - and $2.4k isn't all *that*
much as laptops go.

The only *bad* part is that it only has 16Mb of video RAM - which
presumably means it's going to be short on texture memory...also,
it's not clear whether that RAM is going to be fast enough to get
a reasonable pixel fill rate.

Still, it's overall 3D performance is going to be at least 50 times
better than any other Laptop out there - so it's gonna be a
pretty cool toy.

So, the next question is "Who has the nerve for buy one
and see if (a) it actually runs Linux and (more risky)
(b) do the nVidia's OpenGL-for-Linux drivers work on it?"

...and the question after that is "How am I going to pursuade
my wife that I need one?"  (Whoever said "It's easier to beg
forgiveness than ask permission" didn't marry a French woman).


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