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Re: Laptop with 3D support - anyone?

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Steve Baker wrote:

> Laptop with 3D support?....Well, there is new news!
> I just got this from a guy where I work:
> JEvans0000@aol.com wrote:
> > 
> > The Toshiba Satellite 2805-S402 is out:

I also stumbled across it yesterday, while configuring one of our older
Toshiba laptops. It seems pretty neat. I did not note the i link port
though - but that just makes it even more neat in my opinion, as I have a
DV camera, but no i1394 port. (They are about $80-100 AFAIK).

> > I saw it at CompUsa 2399.99.

Thats also the price advertised at Toshiba's homepage. Unfortunatly, if I
wish to buy this machine in Denmark, that is probably not the price I
will end up paying.

> So, the next question is "Who has the nerve for buy one
> and see if (a) it actually runs Linux and (more risky)
> (b) do the nVidia's OpenGL-for-Linux drivers work on it?"

Yes, this is indeed the question. I am tempted to try to get my workplace
to buy one, but if it will only run Windows, then that will _really_ be a

> ...and the question after that is "How am I going to pursuade
> my wife that I need one?"  (Whoever said "It's easier to beg
> forgiveness than ask permission" didn't marry a French woman).

Hehe. Why not make her convince you that you don't? 


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
Today, the record companies are saying MP3s are the biggest evil. Tomorrow 
they're going to say they're the greatest thing when they figure
them out.
                               - Gene Kan, Gnutella developer

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