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Re: Business models

chakie@infa.abo.fi (Jan Ekholm) writes:

> My Myth2 only runs accelerated with the obsolete Glide API, and software
> is not an option, so yes, it does not work for me. I'd be happy to be
> proven wrong on that one, since I never completed the game and I'd still
> like to play it.

Huh ?  Myth2 has run fine with utah-glx on my Matrox G400 card for a
long time.  But you have to apply the 1.3e patch.  From README-1.3e:

- Added an OpenGL driver, which complements the existing X11 driver.
  Please note that some OpenGL implementations (i.e. Utah-GLX) don't
  support fog correctly, in which case it can just be disabled in the
  preferences dialog.

So, there you go.  I am happy to prove you wrong on this one :)  Loki
has IMO done a totally outstanding job on Myth2.  This is a killer
game, and they keep on supporting it with new patches and now also the
Chimera extension for free.

> Linux games will be easier to support/develop as hw-accelerated 3D is 
> standard along with a standard sound library etc. Currently it's a hassle
> to get to work. My machine is too updated for Myth2 to work, but still too
> obsolete for anything never to work... :-(

If you have a GL driver you should have no problem with Myth2 1.3e.

> And what do you think big game companies like Loki would do to support one
> single fscking customer in a remote small market area such as Finland? :-)

Well, you are far from the only Linux game entusiast who have upgraded
his computer ;)

> So, the point is that if I want something I want to play on Linux I have
> to write it myself.

Not true.  Loki games rocks.  But that should not stop you write games
yourself ;)


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