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Re: Business models

Esben Haabendal Soerensen wrote:

> Huh ?  Myth2 has run fine with utah-glx on my Matrox G400 card for a
> long time.  But you have to apply the 1.3e patch.

Yep - I just installed that patch - and using it with nVidia's OpenGL-for-Linux,
it works fine.  The full-screen antialiasing helps quite a bit too - but the
rather nasty billboarded troops would look better in full 3D now.

Still, it's a great game and it's asking a lot for them to totally rewrite
the graphics to do true 3D.

> > Linux games will be easier to support/develop as hw-accelerated 3D is
> > standard along with a standard sound library etc. Currently it's a hassle
> > to get to work. My machine is too updated for Myth2 to work, but still too
> > obsolete for anything never to work... :-(
> If you have a GL driver you should have no problem with Myth2 1.3e.

Well, my machine has been updated at least 4 times since I bought Myth - and
it's still running.
> > So, the point is that if I want something I want to play on Linux I have
> > to write it myself.
> Not true.  Loki games rocks.  But that should not stop you write games
> yourself ;)

Personally, I enjoy writing games *far* more than I enjoy playing them.

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