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Re: Laptop with 3D support - anyone?

Mike Hallock wrote:
> Hold on....
> I actually have a friend who found out about them, so it could be that they
> are only available by phone and the web pages haven't been updated yet...
> Oops, no, my fault, it appears they are only available on the Inspiron 8000.
> http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.asp?order_code=LR1000UONM19&cu
> stomer_id=19&keycode=6V943&view=1

(That URL doesn't work)
> Here's one. Look under video cards. GeForce 2 GO.

Thanks!  I found it.

It looks like this one is a bit more costly than the Toshiba box (although
both are vastly configurable - so it's hard to compare)...however, it can
have 32Mb of video RAM (Toshiba has only 16Mb) - still only half what most
GeForce cards have - but *MUCH* better.  It's also DDR RAM so the fill rate
ought not to suck and there is a 1GHz PIII CPU option.

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