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Re: 3D and Laptop

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Chris wrote:

> Dennis Payne wrote:
> > I've finally decided I need a new laptop with 3D hardware acceleration.
> > Has anyone else looked into it?  How well is the Raedon supported under
> > Linux?
> To quote someone off Linuxtoday earlier this week "...3D doesn't work for 
> Radeon 8500 cards, and the 7500 series 3D is an abomination."
> These days, the chances are that if you want decent 3D you're after a 
> machine with an NVidia card or you're in trouble (of course, UMMV, UNWADA)

Let me introduce a little known fact: If you use the Nvidia drivers (which 
you will need for 3D), there are no powersave:


  o Power Management is not currently supported.
  o LCD/CRT hotkey switching is not currently functioning on any
    Toshiba laptop, with the exception of the Toshiba Satellite
    3000 series.
  o TwinView on Satellite 2800 series Toshbia laptops is not currently
  o The video overlay only works on the first display device on which
    you started X.  For example, if you start X on the internal LCD,
    run a video application that uses the video overlay (uses the
    "Video Overlay" adaptor advertised through the XV extension), and
    then hotkey switch to add a second display device, the video will
    not appear on the second display device.  To work around this,
    you can either configure the video application to use the "Video
    Blitter" adaptor advertised through the XV extension (this is always
    available), or hotkey switch to the display device on which you want
    to use the video overlay *before* starting X.

I did not realise this, untill I bought one....

With clever hacking you can make it sleep and suspend to disk though, but 
it requires that you don't use AGP at all. Kindof sucky, if you ask me.


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