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Re: 3D and Laptop

> principles and suffer nVidia's binary-only drivers (which actually work
> quite well in areas related to OpenGL programming 

Just a note in case anyone here doesn't know it already: when using the 
NVidia drivers with an AGP card in an Athlon or Duron system you more
or less definately have to add


to the kernel boot options. If you do not do this the stability of your 
system will be drastically reduced, often requiring hard resets to correct 
lock-ups. References:


> [My new GeForce-4 Ti 4600 is **amazing** - 128Mb of on-board memory...Mmmmm!]

They are impressive aren't they (I've got one of the Creative 3D Blaster 
Ti4600 boards, weird heatsinks those things have!). I can certainly tell the 
difference coming form a GeForce2MX!

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