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Re: 3D and Laptop

Chris wrote:

> Just a note in case anyone here doesn't know it already: when using the
> NVidia drivers with an AGP card in an Athlon or Duron system you more
> or less definately have to add
> mem=nopentium
> to the kernel boot options. If you do not do this the stability of your
> system will be drastically reduced, often requiring hard resets to correct
> lock-ups. References:

Yep - that's certainly true.  It should be pointed out that this isn't
the fault of either Linux or nVidia's drivers - it's a bug in the AMD CPU

> > [My new GeForce-4 Ti 4600 is **amazing** - 128Mb of on-board memory...Mmmmm!]
> They are impressive aren't they (I've got one of the Creative 3D Blaster
> Ti4600 boards, weird heatsinks those things have!). I can certainly tell the
> difference coming form a GeForce2MX!

I use these beasts at work - so having one at home so I can telecommute is
virtually a necessity (or so I tell my wife whenever I have to spend $350
to upgrade *again* :-)

Each new revision (and they are appearing at regular 6 monthly intervals)
is typically only 20 to 30% faster than the one before - but if you leave it
a couple of years between upgrades, the change is spectacular.

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