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Re: Main character animations.

On Friday 12 April 2002 2:54 am, you wrote:
> Mark Collins wrote:
> > On Thursday 11 April 2002 8:39 am, you wrote:
> > <snip>
> >
> > 6) Have a tiled 2D environment with low-poly character models.
> >
> > I do a bit of OpenGL development on my laptop, which is using a crappy
> > NeoMagic chipset wth no 3D acceleration, and I can pull a decent
> > framerate from it.
> If your CPU is fast and if the window you are rendering the
> animation into is small enough then you can certainly get reasonable
> frame rates doing 2D in OpenGL.  The good thing about that is that
> when you put the game onto a machine with 3D accelleration, it'll
> simply fly - even at large screen resolutions.
> However, if you want your game to run full-screen on a 266MHz CPU, you'll
> probably need to avoid OpenGL.

(pet peeve)

You're right, but you shouldn't be. I mean, look at a game like Quake (the 
original non-GL version). That had no acceleration, and would have no 
problems running at a high resolution on a 266MHz CPU.

Granted, the poly count was pretty low, but the "project" which spawned this 
rant probably wouldn't need much better.

Isn't Mesa3D optimized in the slightest? If not, why not?

Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
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