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Re: Scripting

Jan Ekholm <chakie@infa.abo.fi> writes:

> Oh, please. You can't possibly say that C++ is easier to use than a
> script language?

The problem is that a scripting language doesn't come for free and
work out of the box. You generally don't do 'emacs mygame.py;
./mygame.py' and are done, instead you might want to use libfoo in
your game. But libfoo doesn't provide bindings to python, so you have
to create them yourself, which brings you back to good old C. And
depending on what you are doing writing all these wrappers and binding
code can be give you more of a headache than doing it directly in C.
Using a scripting language actually placed a barrier between you and
the C-world and crossing this barrier is not always that easy.

I am personally are very happy with writing all the core engine code
in C++ and creating bindings to a scripting language for all stuff
that should be dynamic and modifiable from a level designers

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