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Re: Scripting

Jan Ekholm wrote:

> >> 99% of games aren't too complex.
> >
> >Only because 99% of Linux games are tetris clones. I doubt that the vast
> >majority of people on this list make tetris clones - they are here to make
> >real games, not toy programs. So maybe 99% of Linux games aren't too
> >complex, you'll probably find that 99% of the people responsible for the
> >other 1% are on this list.
> So they are on this list? So what? So they are Tetris clones? So what? The
> issue is IMHO not about that Linux game developers do simple games, but
> what language they should be given for their Tetris clone. Recommending
> the new developers to automatically go with C++ is just a little bit
> silly.

Woah!  Nobody said that.

We are talking about:

  1) What kinds of languages are good for scripting.
     (I happen to think that interpreted languages ARE actually
     somewhat useful here).

  2) Should you write games using a scripting language.
     (Absolutely, utterly, NO!)

...now you are saying that people who are learning to program
from scratch should start off with an interpreted language.  That
may also be true - but it has no bearing on (1) or (2).

FWIW, I think you shouldn't be trying to write games when learning
to program.  There are much better exercises to get you over that
initial 'hump' in the learning curve.  Once you can actually
program, you can probably transition to any language with a fairly
shallow learning curve. So you'd be WELL advised to immediately
put away your baby toys and start using a language that's actually
suited to the task you want to achieve.  If you intend to become
a web page designer then learn JAVA, if you are going to be a
sysadmin person then PERL, if you want to program flight control
systems for F16's then learn Ada, if you are just BEGGING to write
accountancy software - nah - don't learn COBOL...but if you want
to write computer games then you NEED TO LEARN C++ BECAUSE THAT'S
WHAT GAMES ARE WRITTEN IN.  Writing your first game in Python because
that's all you know is just silly - you clearly havn't finished learning

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