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Re: Scripting

Quoting Chris <chris@starforge.co.uk>:

> Gregor Mueckl wrote:
> > slow to run. This approach is good for AI development, because during
> > testing you can skip compilation entirely and when it's finished you
> Why is there this fixation on avoiding compilation? Even my slowest
> machine
> (a 700Mhz Athlon) will compile any small to moderate size code in less
> than
> a second or two. Unless you're developing on a P1 233 or something
> (which 
> isn't going to get you very far) compilation is a trivial step..

Actually, compilation I don't have an issue with - it's /linking/ that seems to 
take forever.

Another thing about scripting is that you can just reload it into the running 
game if you set it all up right. Saves even needing to restart the game. You 
could, if you were sick enough, build an editor into the game...
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