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Re: Scripting

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 10:25 am, you wrote:
> Steve Baker wrote:
> > This isn't unique to Linux - most UNIX'en have dlopen.  I believe there
> > is a similar mechanism with DLL's under Windoze - although the API is
> > subtly different.
> Just an aside - if you can use glib's module functions (g_module_open/
> g_module_symbol/ g_module_close) then the implementation is hidden and
> you can use the same plugin code on Linux, HP-UX and Windows (so the docs
> say anyway, I've never tried it because I prefer jabbing sharp objects
> into by eyes to Windows programming)

Except that requires a bloated pile of shit, where as many windows users 
don't use GLIB *at all*....

You can do the x-platform bit with some simple #ifdef/#endif blocks, as the 
Windows DLL functions are just as simple as the .so ones (I can't remember 
the function names right now though)

Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
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