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Re: Scripting

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

>Chris wrote:
>> Actually I'm quite the opposite - I prefer to go out of my way to make it
>> difficult to port my stuff to Windows. Micorosft gets my support when I am
>> dead, buried and mostly decomposed and not before ;)
>Well even if you dislike Windows there is still MacOS/X, BeOS, ...

MacOS is dead and buried, and MacOSX can basically be seen as just another
Unix from this point of view. 

                 "Students?" barked the Archchancellor.
    "Yes, Master. You know? They're the thinner ones with the pale faces?
  Because we're a university? They come with the whole thing, like rats --"
                                         -- Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures