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Re: Scripting

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 11:42 am, you wrote:

> Actually I'm quite the opposite - I prefer to go out of my way to make it
> difficult to port my stuff to Windows. Micorosft gets my support when I am
> dead, buried and mostly decomposed and not before ;)
> Chris

Could you get anymore childish? (No, don't answer, it's a rheotorical 

Why do you make it difficult to port to Windows? Because Windows code is 
difficult to port to other platforms? Because Microsoft doesn't like the 
concept of the same codebase running on multiplatforms? Because of their 
business practices of making sure ISVs don't develop cross platform code?

You sir, are most likely a hipocrite, who acts in a childish manner when it 
comes to politics.

(And before anyone accuses me of being an MS apologist, I have a personal 
reason for disliking MS, seeing as they got me fired once, so don't bother)

Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
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Nurgle at http://www.thisisnurgle.org.uk