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Re: Scripting

Mark Collins wrote:

> Why do you make it difficult to port to Windows? Because Windows code is 
> difficult to port to other platforms? Because Microsoft doesn't like the 
> concept of the same codebase running on multiplatforms? Because of their 
> business practices of making sure ISVs don't develop cross platform code?

No, because I don't approve of or support Microsoft's monopolistic
behaviour and I have no wish to see any of my software used to sell
copies of Windows (ie: by allowing people to play my games on Windows).
In my opinion the only way that Microsoft's monopoly will ever be broken is 
if games are written to work on anything but Windows. I couldn't care less 
if my games were ported to BeOS, MacOS, QNX or damn near anything else. But 
never, ever to Windows. Not because of the barriers M$ places in the way of 
anyone porting or anything else like that, but simply because I have serious 
reservations about doing anything that supports a company that is a 
convicted felon.

 > You sir, are most likely a hipocrite, who acts in a childish manner when
 > it comes to politics.

This is coming from a guy who will gladly read words into another's posts?
I think your actions speak for themselves. I could reply in like, but such 
action is below me.

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