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Re: Scripting

Quoting Mark Collins <me@thisisnurgle.org.uk>:

> On Tuesday 23 April 2002 11:42 am, you wrote:
> > Actually I'm quite the opposite - I prefer to go out of my way to make
> it
> > difficult to port my stuff to Windows. Micorosft gets my support when
> I am
> > dead, buried and mostly decomposed and not before ;)
> >
> > Chris
> Could you get anymore childish? (No, don't answer, it's a rheotorical 
> question)

Oooooh yes. There's that whole website full of people like that. Dash-slot or 

Personally, I try not to do Windows development unless there's actual hard 
currency involved, but that's from a pragmatic point of view that coding is 
already hard enough, someone's got to compensate for the bone-headed API.

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