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Re: simple 3d modeler

Gregor Mückl wrote:
I've maintained one as part of blend2cs a while ago. That program is still maintained by the Crystal Space devs. The project page is at http://projects.blender.org/projects/blend2cs. I strongly suggest that you base a lib for parsing blend files either on that dna parser from blend2cs, which is tested very well or on the original blender sources. Everything else is purely insane and almost impossible to get right

Sorry, I think you're implying that I'm insane and that my library can't get it right. The former might be correct, but I assure you that the library has gotten a couple of years of daily use and hasn't been broken by the output of newer Blender versions yet. It also has a more liberal license than the GPL. Nonetheless I don't particularly care if no-one wants to use my code. It fit my needs at a time when there was no usable alternative, and continues to sit in my asset pipeline without too many explosions. :)

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