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Re: On C++ multiple inheritance

On Thursday 14 April 2005 21:12, Miguel A. Osorio wrote:

>  *But*, I have noticed that quite a large number of programmers declare
> multiple inheritance as something to be "avoided like the plague", and
> although I can relate to that if I imagine a badly designed hierarchy
> using that mechanism, I'm not really sure of the reasons behind
> negative arguments like that.

Same as for operator overloading etc.

The reasoning goes kind of like that:
1. In the hands of an incompetent developer, feature X can lead to 
incomprehensible and broken code.
2. There are incompetent developers out there.
3. Conclusion: feature X is evil.

I never understood the "Java is great because even dumb people like you 
can't break too many things with it" argument...

PS: Currently I'm mainly developing in ruby. And believe me -- making good 
use of self-redefining method-generating class methods does put things 
into perspective ;)

Christian Reiniger

AAAAA - American Association Against Acronym Abuse

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