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Re: Foot Ball Game

> Definately, the more the merrier.  Actually, I was thinking of posting my
> code here and getting feedback from the people on this list.  Sort of like
> an interactive tutorial.  What do you guys think?  Is that something that
> would be interesting/appropriate?

That sounds like a really good idea actually.  

> This is what I've tentatively decided on:
> language: C++
> graphics library: GGI

Actually I'd like to hear some people's opinions on GGI.  I've heard many
mixed things about it.  From what I understand, kernel developers don't
like it and it will never be officially part of the kernel.  Therefore
there is no interest in it.  I'm not saying that is my opinion at all. 

It seems that the folks that believe this think Mesa should be used

Since GGI may never be apart of the kernel, it certainly sounds like
GGI may be limited in many respects.  Any thoughts on this?   If there is
enough interest and I have enough time, I'll compile some kernel rpms
patched with GGI and put them up for download. 

> graphics programs: Pov-Ray for Sprites, maybe Gimp for static graphics
> (title screens and such)
> graphics file format: PNG
> sound library:  GSI??? (similar to GGI, but for sound I think)

how about mods(mikmod)??  Better yet... use 'sidplay' and the static libs
from that to get true Commodore 64 sounds!! A great chiptune opening could
be great. 

-michael maher