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Re: Foot Ball Game

> Actually I'd like to hear some people's opinions on GGI.  I've heard many
> mixed things about it.  From what I understand, kernel developers don't
> like it and it will never be officially part of the kernel.

I heard something brief (I forget where) about graphics being integrated
into the kernel.  Do you have a source for this?  I'm just curious...

> It seems that the folks that believe this think Mesa should be used
> instead.  

Alright.  Maybe I've got this wrong, but aren't GGI and Mesa totally
different?  I mean, GGI (simply stated) is a means of actually displaying
graphics, right?  And Mesa is a 3D library that requires something else
(like X or Glide or GGI or SVGAlib) to actually put the 2D projection of a
3D image on the screen, right?  Am I way off here?

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