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Re: Foot Ball Game

>> TO the author of the football game.

Hi!  That's me.
Brett Letner baletner@notes.up.com
(although almost nothing has been "authored" yet :)

>> Is the game going to be a real time
>> game or a more managerial type of game?

Real time, simple and fast action 2-D game.  Similar to Tecmo Bowl on

>>  Also is the project open to
>> people who want to join the project.

Definately, the more the merrier.  Actually, I was thinking of posting my
code here and getting feedback from the people on this list.  Sort of like
an interactive tutorial.  What do you guys think?  Is that something that
would be interesting/appropriate?

>>  What tools are being used and so
>> on.

This is what I've tentatively decided on:
language: C++
graphics library: GGI
graphics programs: Pov-Ray for Sprites, maybe Gimp for static graphics
(title screens and such)
graphics file format: PNG
sound library:  GSI??? (similar to GGI, but for sound I think)

I'm pretty new at this, so if anyone has suggestions for better tools I'd
love to hear them.

>>ALos is there a homepage for the game.
Sadly, no, but I think there should be.

It's great to see some interest!