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Re: Foot Ball Game

>> I heard something brief (I forget where) about graphics being integrated
>> into the kernel.  Do you have a source for this?  I'm just curious...

me too.

>> Alright.  Maybe I've got this wrong, but aren't GGI and Mesa totally
>> different?  I mean, GGI (simply stated) is a means of actually
>> graphics, right?  And Mesa is a 3D library that requires something else
>> (like X or Glide or GGI or SVGAlib) to actually put the 2D projection of
>> 3D image on the screen, right?  Am I way off here?

I think this is basically correct, and in fact I think mesa-ggi is getting
worked on.  But, the ggi folks have also written some graphical libraries
(libggi and libggi2d) that, like mesa, use other display 'targets'.  I've
subscribed to the ggi mailing list to learn more.  Their web page is