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Re: Foot Ball Game

> graphics library: GGI

>> Actually I'd like to hear some people's opinions on GGI.  I've heard
>> mixed things about it.  From what I understand, kernel developers don't
>> like it and it will never be officially part of the kernel.  Therefore
>> there is no interest in it.  I'm not saying that is my opinion at all.

I should have been more specific.  I'm actually talking about using libggi
and libggi2d.
I've never tried to get the kernel portion (KGI, IIRC) to work.
Supposedly, libggi will be fast and will eventually compile on X,win32, and
others.  I think mesa-ggi is also in the works.

>>how about mods(mikmod)??
I'm unfamiliar with this.  Is it good?