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Platform Game

Hi Linux Game Develpment Crew..

I may be able to lay my hands on a (new) friends source code for a side
scrolly (does not scroll yet & it may not) platform game.

He has been developing it for DOS using DJGPP (Excellent!)
AND IT  gets better...
He has been using the _Allegro_ Graphics library which I believe has been
ported to linux already.

We need a centralized place for software or at least links to other
locations of:

General Librarys eg: penguinplay or SDL or GAMES

Because Us "little" sparetime game developers need to be able to choose
from what code there is _allready_ available to us.

LET me STRESS that again....
It will encourage newbies to game development (like my freind) to develop
games for linux from the start of thier project IF they have a central
place to find the code AND TOOLS that have _ALREADY_BEEN_WRITTEN_.



S. Malcolm:
       "It was just a thought, I didn't mean to bankrupt u Mr Gates!"