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Re: Platform Game

> We need a centralized place for software or at least links to other
> locations of:
> Graphics,
> Sound,
> Networking,
> General Librarys eg: penguinplay or SDL or GAMES

Sound's a lot like what I have on the resources page.
( http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/resources.html )

> It will encourage newbies to game development (like my freind) to develop
> games for linux from the start of thier project IF they have a central
> place to find the code AND TOOLS that have _ALREADY_BEEN_WRITTEN_.

This is one of my long term goals.  I started this thing up because there
isn't very much (relatively speaking) information available for developing
Linux games.  So I decided to make a web site that has all the available
Linux game development information available from one place.  Package that
info with a list of game developers, a current list of game development
projects, and some sort of discussion forum (like, say, a mailing list!!)
and you've got the ultimate Linux game development resource.

So, I'm trying to get everything up on our web page ( which is
http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/ if anyone didn't know ).  If anyone can
think of any additions (like, a project your involved with, a link I don't
have, or if you want to be the developers page ) then let me know and I'll
add it.


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