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Linux Game Development Update

OK.  I know I've been quiet for a while, and I appologize, but here's
what's going on:

Last week, I spoke to (well, emailed a few times) Marvin Malkowski, the
maintainer of http://www.linuxgames.com/ .  He checked out our site and
mentioned that he has been thinking about putting a game development
section on linuxgames.com.  After seeing what I've set up, he asked me if
I would consider working together on such a project.  So, I'm still
waiting to here back from him, but we might be moving over there.  I think
this domain is more appropriate for our cause as we will get more
attention from the people we've been trying to attract.  All comments are

On a similar note, a few people sent me some suggested additions to the
web page (links, mostly) late last week.  I've been really busy and I
haven't been able to do much about it, but they will get on there tonight,
I promise! 

Next, the PenguinPlay development group (
http://sunsite.auc.dk/PenguinPlay/ ) has organized a weekly Linux Game
Development IRC meeting.  There have been 2 so far, neither of which I
have been able to attend but I have read the highlights of each.  They are
trying to attract as many commercial game developers (especially
representatives from non-Linux development companies) as possible, so if
anyone has a contact out there somewhere, let them know.  Anyway, the
meetings are on Saturdays, 21:00 GMT on EFNet, #gamedev .  Notes from the
previous meetings can be found at
http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/irc-meetings/ .

Finally, I am slowly getting around to completing the write up for the
game I am designing.  The game is going to be called "Infiltrators" (for
now, at least) and most of what I sent in the last message still applies.
I'm going to need some help with the artwork.  Immediately, I need someone
to design a cool looking title for the write up (i.e., "Infiltrators" in
some crazy cool lettering with what ever else needs to be in there).  If
your interested in helping with this, let me know.  Of course, I will need
help with more than just artwork once things get going.  When I have the
write up on the web (anyone mind if I use our site for this?), I'll post
yet another message.  (FYI, the first write up I post will be a draft.
There may even be some sections missing that I will call on people with
more experience to assist with.)

Please post any comments on the just so I know that everyone out there is
still alive.


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