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Re: Linux Game Development Update

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Ian Crawford wrote:

> Finally, I am slowly getting around to completing the write up for the
> game I am designing. 
BTW, one game I'm working on right is named "The Unknown Game", or unk for
short.  Right now I'm conversing with a friend of mine to hammer out
details.  It's going to be a text-only RPG style game, sort of an enhanced
LORD with greater configurability(if anyone's familiar with LORD).  Right
now, I've been messing with using zombie as grabbed through a link from
the PengiunNet page.  Has PengiunPlay been making much progress with it?
Right now, I'm trying to sort out an error somewhere in my code that's
garbling what the client sends the "server"(unk has a sort of mediator,
known of as fabricate, to tell the client more info about connecting to a
game).  TTYL!

Paul Anderson
"This is Maurice, our sheep-hearding carrot."