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Re: Teaching myself linux programming...

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, rodman moore wrote:

> Right now, I'm writing a -VERY- simple text-based tic-tac-toe game to get used to programming the linux way...
IMHO, that's a bit beyond a beginner's capabilities.  I'd start with
really simple, entirely useless programs(which, AAMOF, _IS_ what I started
with).  Play with various [Linux|UNIX]isms, like getusername(), strfry(),
memfrob().  Play around with file access - make HEAVY use of man pages.
Then, once you have a handle on that, and are familiar with batting about
data and pointers, you can move on to using a toolkit and playing with X.
Dig around http://www.gimp.org and d/l the GTK toolkit, it has a number of
excellent examples and good docs to get started.  When you're ready for
Xlib, you'll have some books to buy...  You'll at least need a copy of
"Xlib Programming Manual" published by O'Reilly and
Associates(http://www.ora.com).  TTYL!

Paul Anderson
"This is Maurice, our sheep-hearding carrot."