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Re: Teaching myself linux programming...

On Tue, Aug 11, 1998 at 02:41:32PM -0700, rodman moore wrote:
>> When the time comes, I would like to add graphics, either with SVGALib
or x-windows.
>> Are there any good web sites that teach you SVGALib or x-windows

>> IF you feel upto it, check out GGI. www.ggi-project.org. I'm currently
>> it, and from my view point, it's a god send. As of the current revision
>> (0.0.9), there are 10 display targets (not counting the multi screen
>> And the API for it so far is easy enough

I am planning on using GGI for my project also.  I think the code is good,
but the documentation is not kept up to date.  Anyone else have any
experience with GGI?