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Thoughts on Linux

Welcome to the list.  First in my opinion Linux isnt very young compared to
most OS.  Linux is based off of Unix which I think is pretty old.  Older than
windows anyway.  Far more stable.  It all boils down to the Market shares. 
Linux does however control the web server market.  BUt until commercial Linux
software hits the shelves or Linux is able to fully run Windows apps then there
will be a problem.  The windows software market is just wayy too large.  I
belive linux could take some bite out of MS if it engulfed MS products and ran
em better and faster without becoming MS looking.  ANyone get what Im saying
here?  Personally I like Linux beter than MS cuz of its ruggedness and pure
freedom to do whatever.  It lets the USER REALLY control the system.  And you
can find out exactly whats running and how much resources are being gulferd up.
 It just has power.  If wee were to make it able to be used by no brainers like
most MS users.  Then over a period a time we might end up with another windows
product just evolved.  Any thoughs on this or something?


Ephren Taylor, Jr.
E-Mail : Mack-10@Kc.net
Multimedia Programmer/Developer
Human Dynamics Interactive Multimedia